The following Terms of Service stated below govern the sale of our products on EGO2K to you throughout the product section on EGO2K.NET. Upon purchasing from our website, you agree to follow and be bound to these terms of sale. Please read these Terms carefully before placing an order.
I. Orders
Upon ordering a product from our website, you agree to receiving updates on the status of your order through your e-mail address linked to the purchase, which include (but are not limited to) the order confirmation (the digital receipt) the date of shipment and (if applicable) messages concerning errors related to the order. Please note that the product images that are made available on our site may not be displayed correctly on your device or browser of choice. All colors are as close to the real life representation of the product at hand, and will not be altered in any way to appear as something they are not. Upon placing the order, all customers have the right to cancel or change their order without reasoning within 14 days. If the order has been sent out to the customer, they have another 14 days to ship back their order in good state it's unopened packaging. Shipping costs back to us should be paid by the customer and shipping costs will not be refunded. However, the price of the products themselves will be transferred to the customer's account once deemed right within 14 days. Please contact for inquiries regarding returns.
II. Pricing
Prices of available products may be changed upon release. Issues related to these changes will not be resolved. Prices listed without shipment fees. Shipping costs will be provided at checkout.
III. Costs of Shipment
The prices of our products exclude any applicable shipping costs or costs upon delivery. Any additional costs we require will be calculated and added upon checkout. However, import costs in the country of destination are not calculated by us, and is therefore not handled by us at EGO2K.
IV. Shipments and Deliveries
Upon arrival in the country of destination (or province), you bear all possibility of loss or damage to your order. If order is deemed complete by the shipping company we won't stand applicable for any losses or extra taxation. If there are any issues related to this, make sure to contact the carrier in your country of destination.
V. Returns and Refunds
When an item is purchased from EGO2K.NET, we will start the packaging process of your order. Cancellation of the order is not possible once production has been confirmed. Requests for returns are only accepted once there has been a defect with the product(s) at hand. See the F.A.Q. for more information.
VI. Legal
EGO2K reserves the right to deny you of service once it has been determined to be of malicious, invalid or illegal nature. Upon denial of service, we also reserve the right to contact the applicable force of law once deemed necessary.
VII. Agreement
By buying from EGO2K.NET, you agree to having read and understood the above stated Terms of Service. Upon notice of failure to comply, we reserve the right to deny our services for future purchases.
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