EGOTISTISCHEMILLENNIALEN is a Dutch alternative streetwear brand created by Giovanni Ignacio. First starting off as an underground music collective abbreviated as EGO2K in Fall of 2016, it made it's debut as a clothing brand in Fall of 2018. Designs are influenced by various art movements along the lines of Pop Art, Expressionism, Surrealism, Dadaism and Minimalsm.

Our end-goal here at EGOTISTISCHEMILLENNIALEN is to provide the average consumer with high quality clothing and accessories with thought-provoking artwork that give the feeling of comfort and luxury. We aim to do so by pricing our products fairly, and by keeping the end-consumer in mind.

Too Empty To Inhabit
× IMPORTANT: The issue with the Sizing Options seems to be temporarily fixed. You can now select your desired size like regular. To make up for your inconvenience, use code "E2K" at checkout for 30% off of any order over €60. Code valid until August 24th.